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Some of my Favourite Quotes and Images

Cuz I feel like it, i’m going to post some of my personal favourite quotes and images that i’ve found online!

The first quote/image is…
killThis is actually the image that’s on
my phones lock screen.

The second image is…
humans2I don’t know why, but this
image just speaks to me.

The third image is…
fire music
It incorporates two of my
favourite things. Fire and

The fourth image/quote is…

Yet another reason to love
the girl on fire.

The fifth image/quote is…

Don’t stop just because something
is hard or seems impossible to
get to. Be an Annabeth and Percy.

The sixth image/quote is…

I can definitely relate to this,
although the last part seems
way too fitting for the situation
I have been in…

The seventh image/quote is…

I find this is one of the best book quotes
I have ever read in my life, It is also

Those are some of my favourite images/quotes. Hope you liked this post and comment some of you favourite quotes or images online.



Camp Rotiti 2K16

Ah, Nelson… Cold, cold, cold Nelson. The Nelson which was our home from the 10th-14th of October.

Camp Rotoiti was, how can I put this, amazing. For homework, well overdue homework, this week we are all supposed to write a paragraph on how camp was. I’m most likely going to be writing way more than a single paragraph… Yes, I’m a rebel. I’m going to do my best to write a somewhat detailed recount, more so summary, of what I did each day and how fun camp was! I’m mainly writing a long recount because i’m more than slightly board.

Day 1: Traveling, Arriving and Settling In.
I can remember the excitement of waiting to board the ferry. Everyone was being so loud and talking at the top of their lungs out of excitement for the school week of amazingness that was ahead of us. As we boarded the ferry and took our sets we couldn’t stop talking about what the campground might look like, what we were going to do, who runs the whole place? The 3 hours were passed by quickly by talking, playing cards, looking at the awesome view, and of course, eating.

As the ferry was docking and we started to disembark I took in the atmosphere and actually fully realised how excited I was to finally be in Nelson, well Picton… We still had about 2 hours of traveling via bus to actually get to Nelson. The views on the bus ride were amazing and we passed time by singing ‘100 Bottles of Wine on the Wall’ and talking, a lot of talking. When we finally arrived at our destination we all had to assemble a line and unpack all the bags from the bus. Once we did that we went inside the building, which was actually really nice and very well maintained, and sat down. The owner of the place, Russell, came and talked to us about the lodge and rules and all that stuff. Then we were introduced to the instructors. After this the fun started to begin…

As soon as the teachers said we could go up and explore our cabins everyone got up and ran to the stairs. A set leading to the tower. And one to the dungeons. I’m going to let you guess who slept in the tower. As soon as I got into the cabin I set up my bed and unpacked my stuff kinda neatly into the cute little cubby holes available in our room.

After we sorted out our cabins, my group and two other groups went on a small walk around the lake, well it almost turned into a day track since we accidently kinda took the wrong path… The one time Aaron is right we don’t listen to him.

For dinner that night we had burgers that were really good and we had apple crumble for dessert, I think, my memory isn’t the best out there. I can’t remember too much of what we did in the evening, but I knew I had to get at least a few hours of sleep, for I had to go on a 5 hour walk the next day. We talked for a while, had a bit of a sleep talking interruption, then went to sleep at a time i’m not going to mention because of the teacher that will be reading this…

Day 2: A Walk that Nearly Killed Us
I wake up to the sound of Bri’s alarm on her watch and start to get ready for the long day ahead. I change and then wait for the breakfast call. We talk and eat breakfast then groups 4,5 and 6 get ready to go on the day walk to Whisky Falls. Andrew, one of the parent helps, drives us to the start of the walk and then we begin the next hours of torture. On the way there it was pretty quiet, for me at least. I slipped a couple times and half fell into a stream… But the views were pretty and we were rewarded greatly when we reached the waterfall. We ate our packed lunch of rolls, chips, chocolate and fruit while looking at the beautiful misty blue of the falls. There’s something about eating something next to a waterfall that took you 2 and a half hours to get to that’s satisfactory. Like you’ve achieved something. The walk back was more eventful with more lively talking and some shouting.

When we drove back to camp we told the other groups what we did and had some chillax time before dinner. For dinner we had butter chicken which was really good. We also had jelly and ice cream for dessert, I think.

When we went up, to our cabins to sleep I tried to stay up and talk, but the walk knocked me out and I was asleep by 10:30.

Day 3: Group Initiatives, Low Ropes, Flying Kiwi and instructors singing PPAP?!
Today it was promising to rain. Unlucky groups 1,2 and 3, who still have to go on the long walk today. But it wasn’t entirely lucky for my group. We had to do team activities in the rain, which actually wasn’t that bad. The first activity we did, we had to stand on a log and swap our whole team over, if that makes sense. The next activity was Skis, where we had to group into fives and move on two big wooden ‘skis’. The last activity, we had to balance our whole group on this big wooden seesaw platform. I think this is the activity our team excelled in the best. After the activities we went inside for morning tea. After morning tea everyone gathered outside to get to our next activity. Sometime around here Ross (our groups instructor) started singing the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen song… Long story…

The next activity that we did was Flying Kiwi. An activity where your team pulls on a rope and you get suspended in mid air. It was amazing. It really does feel like you’re flying, with all the people below looking smaller than usual, and the beautiful view of the lake. There are a few different things you can do in the air. You can run around in a circle before you get pulled up and then when you’re ‘flying’ you’ll spin around in a circle. Or you can try run towards the people pulling you and then you’ll start swinging. Or the most boring option is to just stand there and get pulled up. It took a while to get through everyone, but it was really fun! Then we went in for lunch where we had Frankfurters, which were really good.

After lunch we went back outside and headed towards the low ropes course. According to friends in other groups, this was one of the more, boring activities. Not for our group. Our group, the group that instead of saying supporting words of encouragement, we sing “Someones gonna die tonight!” and when they reach the so called tipping point singing “It’s the final countdown!”. It was and interesting session…

When the other groups got back from the walk there was a lot of complaining, a lot. But they got over it. After we at a dinner of, something I can’t remember, mac n cheese, I think. And having something, which again I can’t remember, for dessert. Then we got changed and settled down for a movie. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. When this movie finished we started watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Day 4: Mind Boggling Questions, Animal Survivor and Spotlight!

As we wake up, it sinks in. This is the last whole day on camp. Well better make the most of it. We eat breakfast then settle down to figure out some brain teasers in our groups. It took a while but my group managed to finish it. Most likely with poor results. Today was a chill day. We played capture the cone and this game which involved a lot of water and getting case 1 hypothermia,. I’m not going to expand. Thankfully there was a hot lunch of pizza waiting for us. After the two activities we had some chill out time where we played cards, talked and sang along to the music playing from my spotify account. After this the camp instructors organized a fun camp game called Animal Survivor. Animal Survivor is pretty much The Hunger Games with four different categories and you are only able to kill people who are in a lower category than you. It was really fun even though it resulted in a lot of scratches on my legs.

For dinner that night we had spaghetti bolognese and really nice chocolate cake. Then we settled down to continue watching Harry Potter. About half way through the movie, the teachers asked who wanted to go out and play spotlight. Almost everyone put their hand up. Spotlight was so fun, like The Hunger Games by night! It was really intense when someone with a torch was shining a light on you, even though you were concealed by the bushes. Finally when the game was over we all went up to our cabins to go to bed. The boys in the cabins below us were really loud, we could almost make out what they were saying, almost. I heard something about dreams and football… We talked for a long time before finally sleep pulled us into the land of dreams…

Day 5: The end of an amazing week

hn we woke up sadness pulled us out of our beds. This is the day we were going to leave Nelson. Oh what a great time we have had on camp this week, we all think. Wishing that camp could be forever. We walk downstairs and eat breakfast then settle down on the carpet as Russell gives us our jobs. Our cleaning jobs. My group had the amazing (not really) job of cleaning ALL the girls cabins. Well at least that’s better than the bathrooms… When we finally finished we helped pack all the bags onto the bus and thanked the parent helps and instructors, oh, and the teachers, of course. Then we got on the bus that was going to take us to the ferry. When we arrive we have to wait a while in the terminal for the boat to be ready. Then we start to board

Lets just say that on the ferry back it was a… interesting ride. Very interesting. I’m going to leave the information to just interesting. My friends and I got a window seat and sat down to enjoy the view. Only to realise that in about 3 hours we will be back in Wellington. We make to most of the ride. Talking, walking around the boat, getting to know people from the other schools. Talking to people from our school. Watching Sam, Levi and Sean fail at busking even though they somehow managed to get money. It was a good but interesting ride back.

When we arrived at the Wellington terminal I was happy and sad to be back. Happy that I could go home and sleep in my own bed, but sad because camp was over. Well I have a band performance the next day to worry about. I’ll get over it soon…

I hope you liked my camp recount and please comment if you have anything you want to add about camp!!!

Wow, 1903 words…




Roald Dahl Biography and Books

Image result for roald dahl

Roald Dahl the talented writer who has brought joy to all the children that have read his enchanting books. Born on September 13th 1916, Roald Dahl has lived a well and fulfill life. Dahl had 5 siblings, Astri, Asta, Else, Alfhild and Louis. Dahl also had 5 children, Lucy, Tessa, Ophelia, Theo and Olivia. Sadly, Theo died in a car crash when he was very young and his oldest oldest child Olivia died of the measles a few years later.

Roald Dahl has gotten a structure for most of his books from his own life. For example Dahl  came up with the idea for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1964) from his boarding school when he got to try chocolate for Cadbury, that lucky lad. Dahl wrote most of his books in a ´shed´ in his backyard. He said that he wrote in there because it was a quiet, comfortable, peaceful place to brainstorm ideas and write. This shed/hut/writing house is still standing today and is apart of the official Roald Dahl Museum.

Roald Dahl has written plenty of books in his lifetime some, in order, which include; James and the Giant Peach, a book about a giant peach, some mutant bugs and a boy (1961); The Magic Finger, about a girl with a very, powerful finger… (1963); Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, about a poor boy who finds a rare object and gets to visit the biggest chocolate factory in the world. Talk about having a good day! (1964); Danny the Champion of the World is about a boys who lives in a gypsy caravan who ends up doing something big.(1975); and George’s Marvelous Medicine, about a boy who makes a very… interesting medicine for his grandmother (1981)

Roald Dahl was a word creator, which means he made up many of words that he used in his books. Words like Frizzlecrump, Phizz-Whizzing and Bogglebox. In fact Roald Dahl has a name for this language that he has made. It is called Gobblefunk. Definition: Gobblefunk” is Roald Dahl’s own language. The words are found across his literature and explain meaning when Dahl’s dreamworld transcends normal adjectives.

Roald Dahl has done great things for the community. He has a charity that is still running called Roald Dahl’s Marvelous Charity. Since Roald Dahl has had some very life threatening injuries in his early years he decided to start a charity to help people that are in the same position as he once was.

Roald Dahl eventually died on the 23rd of November 1990 but will be remembered by all his valued readers.
Image result for roald dahl books


My opinion about Social Media and why I don’t have it.


For those of you who don’t know me, I have almost zero Social Media, apart from Google+ and YouTube (only to watch videos) which I never use. I don’t have Instagram, Twitter, Musicly, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. I want to give my reasons why I don’t like and don’t have social media. Remember this is just MY opinion, others definitely have their own ones.
Why don’t I have social media?

Most of my friends are on social media and yes, I am fine with that, but sometimes it can be a bit weird when everyone is on their phones and posting pictures and stuff while I’m just sitting there and observing, I know what you’re saying in your mind at this very moment, why don’t you just get social media? I don’t want it, I don’t want to be staring at my phone, talking to my fake friends when my real friends are sitting right there. I know this is the 21st century and it’s hard to explain but it just doesn’t feel right, social media. I know it’s a good way to keep up with friends and trends and stuff but I don’t want my waking hours to be contaminated by social media, by comments from random people, by updates and ads. I don’t want to become obsessed with what people think about me and what I like, because I don’t give a pineapple about what people think and I don’t want that to change. I don’t want to be encouraged by what looks are ‘trending’ right now, I don’t want to be made into a fake, a plastic doll which can only move if someone does it for them. I don’t want any of my secrets to be spilled, it happens, I know it happens. I prefer to be in control of my own life and I like to keep it that way. No persuading from anyone will change my mind about not having social media. I know social media isn’t bad and in the comments you will be telling me it isn’t bad, I just don’t want it.
Thanks for reading,
I hope you enjoyed what I have written and have gotten an idea of what social media is for me.


Baking for Refugees in Need

Baking for Refugees in Need

Just another calm peaceful day in Rooms 22 and 23 at Karori Normal School, or was it…


On Friday the 5th of August 2016 Rooms 22 and 23 held a bake sale to help refugees who are settling into a new home and country.


The Prep: There was a hint of excitement in the air as the students were told about the hectic task ahead, but before they could even start baking, they had to calculate the exact cost of the ingredients that they were going to use. For some this was a simple hurdle to jump, for others, not so much. This resulted in money problems later.

Making, Baking and Caking: After what felt like a lifetime of waiting, the students finally got a chance to start baking. Isabella Nicholas of Room 23 said that she had an awesome time baking and would be more than happy to do it again! However, some students were very last minute with their baking, ending up doing it the day before the bake sale and having to improvise.


Setting Up: The morning of the day of the bake sale was as hectic as who knows what. Posters and paper chains flying everywhere, baking being set up and last minute putting together. It was chaos. “Intense music playing in the background didn’t help the atmosphere,” Brianna Law of Room 23 said. At five minutes left everyone was ready for the grand opening.

Making Money: As the doors opened to the students in Year ¾.
You could tell that the atmosphere was screaming with nervousness and excitement as the young ones walked around, looking at all the different stalls, wondering where to go first. Some stalls attracted more customers than others said Brianna Law of Room 23. As the minutes ticked on there was less and less baking in the stalls. “The smells of waffles from one of the stalls were tempting,” said Sophie A of Room 23. Everyone supplies were slowly depleting; sherbet, cake pops, lemonade and more, all selling out. As the end time of 1:00pm drew closer the students were doing everything in their power to sell out; walking around with signs, walking around with food, even walking around with a money box to try and get donations from friendly, giving students. 1:00pm was here and it was time for everyone to leave, time to see how much was made.
The Results: The sound of money hitting cardboard filled the air as the students counted up how much money they made. “We made $66.80 and sold out all our jellies,” said Emily Geenty of Room 23 said.The Deputy Principal of Karori Normal School Mrs.Peetz said that the bake sale was very well organised, there was a good variety of food, everyone was working as a team and everything was connected to learning. Now, the question that everyone is asking. How much did Room 22 and 23 actually make? The answer my friends is $1060.80. A very impressive amount indeed.

By Jiya


Colombia – In Pictures

This is Colombia, it is bordered by Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Panama and Brazil. The capital is Bogotá.



Image result for people of colombia

This is a picture of Colombians parading in the streets. Colombians are commonly described as very happy and friendly people.


This is a picture of a popular Colombian dish called Ajiaco. It consists of chicken, two (preferably three) kinds of potatoes, corn, sour cream, capers, avocado, and Guasca. Guasca is a special herb that grown throughout the Americas and gives the soup its distinct flavour.

Most Colombians these days wear Western clothing but people who live in the lower class or are very true to their traditions choose to wear a loose dress/skirt.

A baby ocelot rescued from traffickers

Some animals in Colombia consist of the spectacled bear a rare mammal species. West Indian manatee, Black-mantled tamarin,Three-striped night monkey and Jaguarundi.


Colombia is home to many different, successful athletes. Such as Caterine Ibargüen who has recently won gold in the Rio 2016 Olympics. She won this medal in athletics. More specifically the Woman’s Triple-jump.




100WC Week #4

I feel the wind brush my face as I brace myself for the sound of the horn; telling me to begin the race. I hear a voice over the loudspeaker. “On your marks.” “Go!”. I sprint of at full speed forgetting everyone and everything I have left behind me. All that matters is the sound of my feet hitting the track. I could see the finish line, then everything came crashing down. Screams filled the air. The sound of gunshot surrounding the stadium. What was happening? Someone rushed over and escorted me out, quickly. This definitely, was no random attack.



Colombian flag on a flag pole gif animation

Colombian Flag

What is the meaning of the Colombian Flag?
For some the colours mean sovereignty (power) and justice, loyalty and vigilance and valor (courage) shown and the victory achieved during the battles for independence from Spain. This is in order from top to bottom.

Did You Know?
1. Colombia is the world’s leading source of emeralds and its coffee is world.
2. Colombia’s ‘second city’ Medellin was once the murder capital of the world with 17 murders every day in 1991, Creepy, huh
3.In South America, Colombia is the only country which has a coastline on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.
4.Colombia only has summer; because there is no winter near the equator, it has sunlight throughout the year. Now wouldn’t we all want that.
5. Colombia has the most species of birds in the world, it is the habitat of more than 1754 species of bird. a bird-lover’s paradise!

That’s my post about Colombia, hope you enjoyed reading it!!!



100 Word Challenge Week #3

I hear the engines clink and clack against the body of the plane; the voice of the captain over the speaker. We are going to crash. I have two options: find a way to prevent the crash, or sit here and die. I prefer the first option. I get out of my seat and walk to the cockpit, despite everyone’s protests. As I open the door I think to myself – I will be able to do this. I will save everyone, hopefully. But how would I know I’m right? I get my answer, as the plane hurtles to the ground.


Matariki, What is it?


Matariki is the one time in a year that you can see the Matariki cluster in the sky, this cluster is also known as The Pleiades. Matariki signifies the Maori New Year, a time to spend with family, fly kites and eat tasty food.

There are two well known Maori legends for the cluster of stars in the sky. I’m going to be talking about both but first i’m going to talk about the story of The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters: The names of The Seven Sisters/Stars are Waiti, Waita, Waipun-a-rangi, Tupu-a-nuku, Tupu-a-rangi, Uru-a-rangi and Matariki. Here is the legend in a paragraph or two. There was a Maori village somewhere in Aotearoa where 8 brothers lived. The brothers in the village weren’t married because they were vain and wouldn’t marry anyone who wasn’t prettier than them, except for one brother Mitai. One day the brothers went hunting and they heard someone singing beautifully. They followed it. When they reached the sound they found 7 beautiful women. The brothers all immediately fell in love with them, all except Mitai. He tried to warn his brothers that they were fairy women but they didn’t listen.

Slowly the woman started controlling the brothers who they were now married to and slowly they started wearing out. Mitai turned into a bird and decided to follow the women. Mitai heard of the fairy women’s plan to starve his brothers. The leader o the tribe gave the brothers each a magic net to catch the women. The tribe leader said that they had to cast the women far from the earth to be free of them. The brothers caught the women and Mitai turned into an albatross and flew the women up into the heavens and asks the star god to send them far into the heavens. He did. Once a year the god allows the beauty of the 7 Sisters to shine for all the world to see.

To learn more about this legend watch this YouTube video.


And for the second legend well, i’ll let this second video explain that…


Many cultures celebrate Matariki. But with different names, for example Greek Mythology. Here is a list of the names and who they gave birth to.

  1. Maia, eldest of the seven Pleiades, was mother of Hermes by Zeus.
  2. Electra was mother of Dardanus and lasion, by Zeus.
  3. Taygete was mother of Lacedaemon, also by Zeus.
  4. Alcyone was mother of Hyrieus, Hyperenor and Aethusa by Poseidon.
  5. Celaeno was mother of Lycus and Nycteus by Poseidon; and of Eurypylus also by Poseidon, and of Lycus and Chimaereus by Prometheus
  6. Sterope (also Asterope) was mother of Oenomaus by Ares.
  7. Merope

Do you know anything about Matariki? Comment below and share!


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